Amazon Web Services – Atmosphere IoT

Amazon Web Services

Atmosphere can be integrated into Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable your projects and devices to connect to and interact with resources on your AWS account. To connect with AWS services, Atmosphere provides corresponding AWS elements in Studio’s Cloud tab.

A moderate knowledge of how to leverage supported AWS services, as well as an understanding of the AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) service is recommended prior to using AWS elements.


How Atmosphere Connects to AWS


Atmosphere uses the AWS Security Token Service (STS) to obtain temporary credentials in order to access your AWS resources. You must first set up an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role on your account that links to Atmosphere’s AWS account. This role allows Atmosphere to obtain the security credentials required for accessing whitelisted AWS resources on your AWS account via an Atmosphere project.

For more information on the credentials needed, visit IAM Temporary Security Credentials.


Supported AWS Services


Select an option below to learn more about the Atmosphere’s AWS elements or the AWS service:



AWS DynamoDB ElementDynamoDB
AWS Kinesis Firehose ElementKinesis
AWS Lambda ElementLambda
AWS S3 ElementS3

AWS Service Integration


Integrating your Atmosphere project into your AWS account involves creating an IAM role and subsequent role policy in the AWS console for the services you want to grant Atmosphere access to through the use of Studio’s AWS elements. With an established IAM role and policy for Atmosphere integration, you can configure each of your supported AWS services to allow Atmosphere to communicate with them, which can then be used by Studio’s AWS elements.