Asset tracking cloud application ready to scale with your business


Atmosphere offers OEMs and Solutions Integrators an enterprise-class asset tracking application that is feature rich and customizable for a variety of vertical industry use cases.

Integrated with NimbeLink cellular and BLE-based asset trackers

Atmosphere has integrated with NimbeLink’s NLink API service to enable automated device registration and intelligent two-way device management across a range of low power cellular trackers, as well as BLE beacons.


Know the location, motion and condition of your assets

Atmosphere provides high level organization-wide dashboards and individual device-specific dashboards. Track location using a combination of cellular, GPS and WiFi technologies. Enable geo-fencing to know when things go astray. Visualize sensor data for additional insights, including battery consumption, temperature, humidity and 3D movement.

Device table list views to bring issues to the forefront


Atmosphere enables a variety of custom list views of your fleet of devices. Customize columns to see only the data that’s important to you and sort by various parameters to bring issues to your attention.


Instant notifications for those who need to know

Atmosphere can send in-browser, mobile app and email notifications to users based on conditions and parameters you define, such as when devices exit or enter a geo-fence area.

Easily organize customers, users and devices


Atmosphere supports both internal and external-facing enterprise customer deployments. Easily set up multiple organizations and populate them with users, devices and applications. Assign users specific roles and permissions for managing devices, other users, and organizations. Quickly create sub-organizations for users and devices on the platform.

Easily manage device settings on a mass scale

Atmosphere allows you to quickly modify settings for one device or for thousands of devices at once through an intuitive user interface. Select individual, groups or all devices and make bulk configuration changes that can help you prolong battery life, turn on or off sensors, or gain more timely data insights.

Easy integration of data into third party applications


Atmosphere supports webhooks and REST APIs to send data to and receive data from third party applications, including AI and Machine Learning tools, enterprise business applications for advanced workflow management, and other cloud services.

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