Our History

Feb 2022

Atmosphere deploys LoRa-based remote monitoring application for solar lighting OEM


June 2021

Atmosphere adds support for Monnit wireless sensors

Feb 2021

Atmosphere releases asset tracking application with NimbeLink


Dec 2020

Atmosphere adds support for OKdo E1 and NimbeLink Skywire cellular modem

Aug 2020

New REST API is published allowing Bring-Your-Own Device Option

Mar 2020

Atmosphere adds Linux support with Raspberry Pi, Sierra Wireless' mangOH Yellow, and BeagleBone


Oct 2019

Atmosphere adds support for LoRaWAN and satellite network connectivity

Sep 2019

Atmosphere adds support for Nordic and On Semiconductor

July 2019

Atmosphere adds support for Digi XBee cellular and Zigbee modules

June 2019

Awarded "Startup of the Year" at Sensors Expo and "Best in Show" at IoT World

Mar 2019

Atmosphere adds support for Cypress, STMicroelectronics, MicroChip, Arduino, and Maxim

Jan 2019

Awarded IoT Platform Leadership Award from IoT Magazine


Nov 2018

Atmosphere-powered Digi-Key IoT Studio released to public

July 2018

Atmosphere-powered NXP Rapid IoT Kit released to public

Jan 2018

Atmosphere IoT Corp. formed

Our Story

Over the past decade, the Internet of Things has emerged as a broad technology megatrend, promising to reinvent the way people live, work and play. From exciting smart consumer gadgets to entirely new cyber-physical manufacturing systems, innovators are finding ways to reshape consumer behavior and redefine competitive business advantage. Industry experts envision one trillion devices will be connected by 2035.

If that’s the case, we have a whole lot of work to do.

Some things in business don’t change. Success still centers around knowing your customer, understanding the problem you’re solving and delivering a compelling experience with a strong ROI. However, it can be daunting for innovators to get their arms around all the different technology pieces and parts required to create a complete IoT solution. There are no one-size-fits-all answers and far too many standards to choose from. IoT innovators must be technically “multi-lingual” -- conversant across unrelated techspeak of sensors, wireless data options, smartphone apps, middleware and cloud computing. It’s far too easy to get bogged down in the technology stack.

That’s where Atmosphere comes in.

First released in 2015 and used by thousands of innovators, Atmosphere offers IoT OEMs and Solution Integrators the fastest and simplest way to build, connect, and manage complete sensor-to-cloud systems. Atmosphere invites you to enter the fast lane for creating new real world data and getting it into cloud applications -- while offering you the flexibility and control to choose the best technology “lanes” for your project.

By leveraging our award-winning Atmosphere IoT Studio, a low code online IDE, Atmosphere works directly with OEMs and Solutions Integrators to stand up their own custom cloud-managed IoT applications across a range of vertical industries and use cases, from smart cities and environmental monitoring to industrial maintenance and asset tracking. Serving as your hub for managing devices, data, users and applications, Atmosphere IoT Central allows to start small and scale to large device deployments without breaking your budget. Graduate to scaled, secure, and white labeled IoT applications tailored to your needs.

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