Atmosphere IoT expands support for commercial LoRa deployment options

News | September 3rd, 2021

 Platform integrates The Things Network Things Stack and offers applications for off the shelf LoRa-based sensors for rapid customer deployments.  

MINNEAPOLIS, MN | Atmosphere IoT Corp., an innovative provider of a low-code IoT development platform, has expanded its support for LoRa, a popular Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, to facilitate quick and easy deployment of wireless sensor-to-cloud IoT solutions.

The award-winning Atmosphere IoT Platform now supports The Things Network (TTN) latest update known as The Things Stack Community Edition, which is managed by The Things Industries. Atmosphere IoT is a member of The Things Network partner program.

Additionally, Atmosphere has created pre-built cloud applications that utilize market-leading finished edge LoRa sensors, making it easy for solution integrators and OEMs to quickly create end-to-end IoT solutions utilizing LoRa networks. Atmosphere has published corresponding guides for getting started with Laird and Radiobridge sensors.

Atmosphere offers its enterprise customers fully white label branding options for its customizable cloud applications, enabling a faster time to market for customer-facing applications, reducing technical risk and lowering up front costs with a pay-as-you-grow pricing model.

Customers can sign up for a free trial of Atmosphere IoT Developer Pro and connect up to 25 Lora sensor devices as part of a 30-day evaluation.

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