Atmosphere IoT joins The Things Network, offers LoRa support

News | January 28th, 2020


Atmosphere IoT Corp., an innovative provider of a popular low-code IoT development platform, announced it has become a member of The Things Network (TTN) partner program and Marketplace. Atmosphere’s cloud-based software platform for rapid development and management of IoT solutions can utilize LoRaWAN for embedded design and cloud connectivity across TTN’s global network.

Thousands of developers use the Atmosphere IoT Studio to quickly develop sensor-to-cloud solutions using its a low-code drag-and-drop integrated development environment (IDE). Atmosphere’s library of IoT building blocks includes the MikroElektronica LoRa 2 Click board for easy, drag and drop integration within embedded system designs.

Commercial customers utilize Atmosphere IoT Central for connecting and managing a distributed network of devices, data users, and services, which includes highly configurable dashboards and notifications. Atmosphere has integrated multiple LoRa-based wireless sensor node devices from TTN partner RadioBridge.

Atmosphere added support for LoRaWAN in conjunction with an enterprise customer deployment. The customer, tasked with remotely monitoring critical assets in the energy industry, deployed a solution to support devices using wireless sensors communicating via The Things Network across multiple regions in the United States.

“We’ve been continuously adding support within the Atmosphere IoT Platform for different types of connectivity options. We added support LoRaWAN and The Things Network because we see it as a great option for customers and many popular IoT use cases,“ said Jeff Liebl, CEO of Atmosphere IoT Corp.