Atmosphere IoT Studio adds support for the BeagleBone Green

News | April 27th, 2020

Atmosphere IoT Studio now supports the BeagleBone Green.

Atmosphere has recently added support for another popular IoT development platform, the BeagleBone Green, within its Atmosphere IoT Studio library.  A joint effort between Seeed Studio and, the BeagleBone Green is an open source embedded Linux development platform. The board features an AM335x 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB 8-bit eMMC on-board flash storage, and includes two Grove connectors for easy compatibility to the large family of Grove sensors.

Check out our BeagleBone Green hardware page here, which includes an overview, demo projects, product specific elements, and more:

If you want to jump right in and get started with a project, our demo project walkthrough that uses temperature data can be found here: