Atmosphere IoT Studio now supports creation of Mozilla WebThings devices

News | July 20th, 2020

Atmosphere has integrated support for Mozilla’s WebThings API and Gateway software standards.  Any Atmosphere IoT Studio user can enable an Espressif ESP32-based Dev Kit (among our most popular) to act as a WebThings device and be viewed and controlled from a WebThings Gateway, such as a Raspberry Pi. The WebThings Gateway is an open source software distribution focused on privacy, security, and interoperability that emphasizes web-based UIs to monitor and control smart home devices.  

The latest version of Atmosphere IoT Studio includes new drag-and-drop WebThings Event Elements to connect an Espressif ESP32 WiFi/BLE IoT device to a WebThing Gateway using HTTP.  The ESP32 runs through a web server, and through the Gateway.  Device data is collected locally without the requirement to send it to the cloud, so users have greater control of where their IoT data goes. 

Atmosphere IoT Studio users can create and customize smart home devices through the WebThings API with Event Elements such as motion, light, and electricity sensors. Event Elements allow embedded projects to send events from the API to the user’s Gateway. Users can also set values in the Gateway. 

You can learn how to get started creating Mozilla WebThings using Atmosphere IoT Studio on our Developer Hub by clicking here

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