Atmosphere IoT Studio now supports the OKdo E1 Development Board

News | January 25th, 2021

The OKdo E1 is an ultra-low-cost Development Board based on NXP’s Arm-based LPC55S69 microcontroller. The E1 board is perfect for Industrial IoT, building control and automation, consumer electronics, general embedded and secure applications.

 Atmosphere recently added support for the OKdo D1 Development Board, enabling IoT solution builders to use the Atmosphere low code, drag-and-drop Studio IDE to incorporate this new development board into their Internet of Things projects and OEM designs.

The Getting Started with OKdo E1 guide on the Atmosphere Documentation hub is a 7-step guide to create a project combining the E1 with sensors and WiFi connectivity, program the firmware, register the device to the cloud, enable a mobile application and display sensor data to a dashboard. The additional option of sending device data to a native Amazon Web Service is also included.

By using an OKdo E1 Expansion Board and an Arduino UNO Click Shield, developers can easily incorporate a number of MikroElektronica click boards available within Atmosphere IoT Studio’s large library of pre-integrated peripheral devices.

By signing up for a free Atmosphere Developer account, users gain access to pre-built OKdo E1 demo projects that incorporate both Wifi 7 Click and LoRa2 Click wireless connectivity, along with a Weather Click that incorporates temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.

Additional hardware documentation on properties for the E1 is provided in the OKdo E1 hardware guide.

Visit OKdo’s E1 product web page for additional datasheets, pricing, and to purchase the development board and related peripherals.

Finally, the Atmosphere Developer Forum is a helpful resource for posting questions, comments and insights.