Atmosphere IoT Studio adds support for the ON Semiconductor RSL10 Sensor Development Kit

ON Semi RSL10

News | October 1st, 2019

Atmosphere recently added support for the ON Semiconductor RSL10 Sensor Development Kit, enabling IoT solution builders to use the Atmosphere drag-and-drop Studio IDE to incorporate this development kit into their IoT projects.

The ON Semiconductor RSL10 Sensor Development Kit is a compact and a comprehensive platform to easily develop IoT applications with leading sensor technology and the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth ® Low Energy SoC. Several applications including industrial wearables, asset monitoring, smart sensing solutions can be easily developed on this platform.

The compact platform features a full range of sensors including environmental, inertial (3-axis accelerometer, 3-asix gyroscope and a low-power smart hub for motion sensing), a geomagnetic sensor, and an ambient light sensor. Example use cases and detailed documentation are provided in the CMSIS pack.

In addition to monitoring the various sensor values, the accompanying mobile application (RSL10 Sense and Control), connects to several cloud services (AWS, IBM®, Azure ™, etc.) enabling a true end-to-end solution development.

Our Getting Started: Introduction to the the ON Semiconductor RSL10 video walks through a demo project using the RSL10. You’ll learn how to read the sensors on the kit, send data to the  mobile app and the Cloud, and trigger an alert when the humidity level reaches a target value.

The Getting Started with RSL-10-SENSE-GEVK guide on the Atmosphere Developer Hub is an 8-step guide to create a project, program the firmware, register the device, and display data to a dashboard.

Additional documentation on customizable properties for the kit is provided here:
RSL10-SENSE-GEVK hardware guide 

You can visit Digi-Key for additional datasheets, pricing, and to purchase the development kit.

Lastly, the Atmosphere Developer Forum is a helpful resource for posting questions, comments and insights.