Q3 Newsletter 2019

News | October 14th, 2019

The top news coming out of Atmosphere this summer was the deployment in the field of over a thousand finished devices for customers in the energy and smart lighting industries. Customers are using the Atmosphere Platform for managing devices that sense temperature, humidity and voltage – and send data to the Cloud using Sigfox and LoRA wireless protocols.


As IoT developers are looking to build, connect, and manage a fleet of Internet-connected devices in the field, the Atmosphere Platform has proven successful in enabling the deployment and device management necessary for commercial deployments.

Digi XBee Support

We continued to expand our connectivity options, adding support for the latest and greatest Digi XBee3 Cellular Modems.


Sensirion Sensors

We recently announced support for three air quality sensors from Sensirion. The work to add these sensors to the Atmosphere Library was unique in that the team at Sensirion used the Atmosphere EEL (Embedded Element Library) Builder to make short work of the development effort to add these sensors to the Atmosphere Platform.

As we’ve added more devices, we’ve also had fun putting together some pretty cool projects and demos - some more practical than others.

Additional Device Support

The Atmosphere Platform included support for the following devices over the past few months: