IoT Studio – Atmosphere IoT

Develop with reliable hardware you know and trust

With over 25 development boards and kits compatible with Atmosphere IoT Studio and more continuously added, you can develop on the device of your choice from your favorite hardware suppliers. 

Connect your devices with a range of wireless options

Atmosphere IoT Studio natively supports a number of connectivity options to get your application data to the cloud, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE, Sigfox, LoRa, ZigBee, NFC, satellite, and cellular.

Spend less time developing your application and more time using it

Build IoT projects from start to finish without writing code using visual drag-and-drop elements to generate code for you, and add the functionality you want in a fraction of the time.

Visualize your device data with customizable dashboards

See data in real time using our simple drag-and-drop interface to create rich dashboards, using interactive widgets like charts, gauges, graphs, maps, and more.

Monitor your devices and data with alerts and notifications

Easily configure alert triggers in your projects and receive in app notifications when data-driven events occur.

Interested in having your own products supported in Atmosphere IoT Studio?

Chat with us about integrating your company’s products into Atmosphere IoT Studio’s library of IoT building blocks.

From adding sensor support into IoT Studio to providing your customers with a complete white-labeled software offering for a cohesive brand experience, we provide a range of solutions for enabling your customers and enhancing their experience.

Extensive development resources at your fingertips

Developers are empowered with a variety of resources to get you started.


Expansive Documentation

Easy-to-use APIs, libraries, and tutorials make it easy to learn and build on the platform.

Lift your project off the ground and into the cloud

Turn your IoT concept into a connected product reality with Atmosphere.