Getting Started: Introduction to the PSoC6 WiFi BT Proto Development Kit

In this video we will be extending our PSoC6 demo project that reads the  sensor on the SHT Click and sends the data to the Mobile app and the Cloud, to set an alert on the Humidity and set the Device Status when the humidity level reaches a target value.

The Cypress PSoC® 6 Wi-Fi Prototyping Kit offers a hardware platform for developing ultra-low-power, secure and cloud-connected IoT edge devices, featuring the highly flexible and secure dual-core Arm® Cortex M4/M0+ PSoC 62 MCU. It also features a fully certified 802.11n and Dual-Mode Bluetooth module with a Cypress radio inside (CYW4343W), industry-leading CapSense® for touch buttons and slider, a MicroSD card interface, 512-Mb Quad-SPI NOR flash, PDM microphone, and a thermistor, and a PMOD interface for external sensors.

If you are not familiar with the PSoC 6, you can use our Getting Started with PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Proto guide on the Atmosphere Developer Hub to get up to speed quickly

For another project you can build on the PSoC 6, check out our Stand-alone Temperature Monitor video.​