IoT Central – Atmosphere IoT

Simplify the journey and realize your IoT vision sooner

Atmosphere IoT Central is a commercial-grade, highly scalable IoT platform-as-a-service that acts as the central hub for your connected devices, data, and users. Integrate IoT Central into your product strategy as an internal portal for monitoring your own products or assets, or as a fully branded, customer-facing service offering that generates new revenue streams for your business.

Manage devices throughout the complete product lifecycle

Leverage a suite of configuration options, including custom dashboards, data storage limits, geolocation for asset tracking, and access control.

Robust application management across your entire fleet of devices

Atmosphere IoT Central includes a variety of built-in administrative capabilities for running and evolving your application, giving you flexibility and control.

Extensive Organizational Management

Easily set up multiple organizations and populate them with users, devices and applications.  Assign users specific roles and permissions for managing devices, other users, and organizations.  Quickly create sub-organizations for users and devices on the platform.  User roles include Administrator, Manager, Technical, Basic, and Developer.

Secure Data Storage

All device data is securely stored within IoT Central, and can be exported into reports for analysis and made readily available to be sent to external applications and services.

Integrate Third Party Apps

Leverage our RESTful APIs to send and receive data from AWS products, AI and machine learning applications, enterprise business applications for workflow management, and other cloud services.

Flexible platform that scales with your product

Whether you’re one user hosting dozens of devices or multiple, distributed teams with hundreds of thousands of devices, we have a plan that best meets your needs and can grow alongside your deployment.

Build custom dashboards that enable data-driven decision-making to deliver real ROI

Make your IoT devices come to life with easy dashboard creation using visual graphs, charts and reports. Pre-built widgets allow business analysts to create custom dashboards for specific devices or customer sub-groups without the need to write any code.

When devices require attention, Atmosphere notifies the right people at the right time

Easily configure Atmosphere IoT Central to send app, email, and SMS alerts to your users when devices are out of bounds or if unexpected data anomalies occur.

Ready to deploy devices with Atmosphere?

Contact us to get started with Atmosphere IoT Central and take your smart connected product strategy to the next level.